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Spruce Farm (Swierkowe Siedlisko) is the place in which we fell in love from the first sight, even though the state in which we had found it was far away from how it looks like today. But the most important thing about this place was the atmosphere. So when we arrived here for the first time we had no doubt that it was what we had been looking for. And from that very moment we invested all our hearts and hard work to create a place that now is worth sharing it with you.
Who are we? First of all family but – what is much more important – also friends. Each of us used to live in a city full of noise and fumes, each of us had a job and every one of us dreamed about changing our lives. The dreams come true, you must only believe in it. Now we have pleasure to offer you an authentic old house atmosphere, relaxation in the country and lazy moments close to nature.
You will stay in cozy rooms, eat delicious Polish food that we prepare for you ourselves and serve with a smile. We guarantee you a lot of good humor and beautiful views at the lake and in the mountains.
Enjoy your stay
Swierkowe Siedlisko


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